Davorka Azinovic

Davorka Azinovic was born in Croatia 1965.

She paints since free childhood.

1983.-1987. studied applied arts in Zagreb, Croatia.

1985.-1989. studied physics at The University of Zagreb.

1989.-1995. worked at Institute of Physics of the University in Zagreb.

1994. achieved PhD of physics at The University of Zagreb.
1995. moved to Munich, Germany.

1995.-1999. worked at Max-Planck-Institute for Quantumoptik.

2000.-2004. worked at Technical University Munich.

2004. quited the job in research.

Since 2004. owns an art studio in Garching and practices arts.

2008. attended the sculpture workshop by docent G. Goidaci in Munich.
Since 2009. is member of Sculpture Network.


2011. - sculpture und paintings, Atelier Römerhof, Garching, Germany

2014. - Sculptures und Historic Costumes, Stadtbücherei Garching, Germany

2015. - nominated for Palm Art Award 2015-2017

May 2016. - paintings, Spring art fair, Barcelona, Spain

Juni 2016. - paintings, Art Nou Mil.lenni Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

July 2016. - sculptures, Marziart – International Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

Sep.-Dez. 2016. Drunter und Drüber, paintings, VHS-Zentrum Garching, Germany

Nov.-Dez. 2016. paintings, RossoCinabro art gallery, Rome, Italy

Nov. 2016. paintings, ArtExpo Autumn Rome, Rome, Italy

Nov.-Dez. 2016. painting, Spectrum/Red Dott Miami, USA


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